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Online Business in a Nutshell - Online business of many sorts comprises a unique niche that has experienced tremendous growth within a very short time.  This rapid growth has occurred because an increasing number of people are trying to supplement their income with one or more additional income streams.  A few enterprising individuals have found ways to increase their income through online endeavors, but the sad fact of the matter is that approximately 95% of new online business ventures come to an untimely end within just a couple of years.  The consensus of informed opinion, considering the reasons for the widespread online business failure, is that the online entrepreneurs were relatively uninformed about how to launch their business, or how to keep it going.  With online business being such a new entity, there was and still is a scarcity of good information available to draw upon to prepare business managers to confront the unique challenges that must be dealt with.


Who we are - Online Concepts is one of the few online businesses that have successfully negotiated the challenges of new business start-up at a time when our country's political leadership was changing, and the national economy was experiencing tremendous recession.


What we do -  Online business operations form the specific focus of our attention.  We attempt to bridge the vacuum caused by a scarcity of information pertaining to online business start-up.  We produce and distribute  the best information products relating to the structure, operation and management of online business.  We strive to produce the most up-to-date, informative and entertaining articles and books to be found anywhere.  We weed through the hype, and eradicate any claim that appears too good to be true.  We want to become the source every online merchant depends upon for accurate, hype-free information that will help their business keep going and become as successful as possible.


The Advantages of an Online Business


* The beauty of selling from a website is that the business can operate 24 hours a day, every day of the year, without ever closing. 


* Initial start-up, operational, and advertising expenses are extremely minimal compared with those incurred by other forms of business. 


* Most of the time there is no inventory to store in a warehouse and protect from theft, vandalism, depreciation or spoilage.  


* The online merchant’s customer base is usually spread out all over the world and is not restricted to any one location like the much more limited customer base of the traditional business.  The world-wide market is virtually unlimited in size and scope, quite unlike that of the traditional community store.


* Most of the customers who are drawn to one’s online business are already interested in the products being sold or your website would not have been displayed to them when they conducted a search of the internet for those products.  This equates to a very  unique pre-qualification of customers, and it saves the online merchant a tremendous amount of frustration and capital.


* Many online businesses can be set up to run automatically without much daily effort required to maintain or operate it.  This frees the online merchant to engage in other activities that might produce or strengthen yet another source of income.


The Disadvantages of an Online Business


* Because this form of business operation is brand new, and much disinformation about it prevails, there is a scarcity of experienced, knowledgeable business managers to consult with when the going gets rough.  


* Much of the published information that is available too often deals with some mysterious "get rich quick" scheme that if followed will lead to the replication of some self-proclaimed guru's online fortune....."and the information will be revealed to you for only...$$$!"  Who is making the money here - the online merchant who (allegedly) made his fortune or the mysterious guru who is selling a "how-to" book???  


The advantages of online business have not escaped the attention of an increasing number of people who are taking the first steps to organize and start an online business.  These entrepreneurs have considerable need for up-to-date, legitimate information relating to how an online business should operate, what specifically leads to success, and what obstacles can lead to excessive costs or even failure.  The new breed of electronic merchant is hungry for truly accurate guidance from others who have learned how to make online businesses work, free from all the hype and mysticism. 


If you are interested in learning more about online business operations, or would like to obtain a few ideas about the different kinds of businesses that are amenable to online operation, take a look at our Product Catalog and browse through our holdings.  I am quite certain you will find exactly what you need to know about this increasingly important subject.  We offer the very best hype-free information available to help you prepare to successfully and economically launch your online venture.


"Thank you for your patronage."


John W. Chance


Founder & CEO, Online Concepts

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